MY ROLE: Cover Artwork and backup story art. 

Variant Cover for issue #4

Variant Cover for issue #4


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(W) Matt Maguire, Matt Miner (A) Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (CA) Matt Harding

Join GWAR, SAWBORG and BOZO (the DESTRUCTO brothers), SEXECUTIONER, and ROBO-SLEAZY as they finish their quest to get back to the present, fix the future, and kick Mr. Perfect's stupid butt all over the timescape!  The final issue has dinosaurs, samurai, nazis, penguins, robots, 30s gangsters, robots, robot penguins, crack dealers, grindhouse movies, and not only that but it reveals GWAR's new look!  That's right folks: GWAR'S NEW COSTUMES AND THEIR ORIGIN right here!  This explosive final issue wraps the craziest fever dream ride in 2017's comics.  Join GWAR and creators in the finale to this ridiculously bonkers chapter of Scumdog Lore!

In Shops: Sep 27, 2017

SRP: $3.99

I'm very proud to be a part of this comic! I've been seeing Gwar play since I was in high school, and their live show has always been so incredible that they've easily been one of my favorite performances. Check out my variant cover and my back up story in issue 4! My short story involves everyone's favorite turtle monster guy hanging out in an ice cave and getting taken advantage of by the hired help. Don't miss it!