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"Most people have a special place in their heart, or their nightmares, for the 1982 movie "The Thing." Technically a remake of an adaption, the version starring Kurt Russel, directed by John Carpenter, and written by Bill Lancaster is what most consider the ultimate portrayal of the story. To this very day, many consider this movie to be the golden example of practical effects, beating out even Star Wars in the eyes of the critics. Since 1982 there has been only one prequel made for "The Thing," which many felt failed to capture the feeling of it's predecessor, due to too much CGI. Surprisingly enough, the movie unperformed in the box office, but later developed a very strong cult following that continues to expand to this day. Like all things that truly matter, "The Thing" had to be unearthed and discovered, but once it was it became beloved. Hence this awesome book put out by Printed in Blood. 

Over 375 artists, both famous and new to the industry, collaborated on making this book come to life. They got Paul friggin' Pope to do an illustration, if you can believe it. I'm extremely proud to be a part of this book, and for a very low price of FORTY DOLLARS, you can own this a copy for yourself. Seriously, the thing is so big that you can knock someone out with it and steal all their money (please don't actually do this). There's a very low quantity that's been made, so please feel free to click on the link below and check the book out for yourself." 

My contribution to the book!

My contribution to the book!

Click the link below to see more of the book. I also have stickers of my illustration in my store.

Here are a few tasty excerpts from the book!